Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Les Miz Buzz

I'm still in Singapore but I heard that there's already a crazy buzz surrounding the opening of Les Miz in Melbourne right now!

This world-acclaimed musical opens in Melbourne this Sunday, 22 June!  How exciting!  Check out the photos below on how Her Majesty's Theatre has been decked out currently.  Photos courtesy of my good friend Hannah, who was there over the weekend to take these awesome photos to hype me up before my intended trip next week.

Les Miserables Australia is currently running a sweepstakes for their Facebook fans to win The Ultimate Opening Night package which consists of the following:
  • 2x Tickets to the Australian Premiere of Les Misérables on Thursday July 3, 2014
  • 2x Tickets to the Les Misérables Official Opening Night Party
  • 1x Les Misérables Souvenir Program
  • 2x Tickets to the Victor Hugo Page to Stage exhibition
Hop over to now if you've not gotten your tickets!

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