Saturday, June 28, 2014

Melbourne Day 2 - 28 June 2014

I had yet another exciting day in Melbourne today though there was a short daylight due to winter. Today seemed extremely cold too, much more than yesterday. Thank God I'm fully prepared & geared up in my full winter wear after my first day in Melbourne yesterday. 

First up, we went to the Rose Street Artist Market which everyone was raving about. What struck me when I reached Rose Street was the awesome street graffiti, which was so tastefully done! They were everywhere, on walls of buildings, dustbins and even lampposts! What talented graffiti artists they had there!

The artist market was fabulous too, with many talented crafters peddling their handmade crafts, which included jewellery, cards, candles, ceramics and more! I even spoke to a talented lady selling handmade fabric crafts and exchanged contacts and tips! So happy to be able to connect with a fellow crafter in Melbourne!

The only damage at the market was a hand poured soy candle in a French Lavender scent which I bought for 20AUD. There were so many different scents and I was spoiled for choices!

After we had our fill of crafts, we went to fill our hungry stomachs at a quaint cafe beside the market known as Young Bloods Diner.  The name may sound gory but the food is far from being bloody! I had Roasted Chicken Salad with Quinoa which tasted out of this world. It's my first time trying this out and it definitely didn't disappoint! 

After leaving Rose Street, we took a tram to Smith Street for some vintage shopping & photography.  Smith Street is a not-to-be-missed place in Melbourne for all vintage-goers. The shops lining both sides of the street may look ordinary, but you'll be in for a great surprise when u peep in! It's vintage clothes galore! Bought this pretty vintage dress in my favourite pink for 45AUD. Heart this!

We chanced upon this gelato cafe in Smith Street known as Messina. Heard they are new in this area & serves one of the best gelato in town. Sorry I've forgotten to take photos of the gelato in my haste! It's indeed freezing to be eating ice cream in winter but a brand new experience!

Wished I could have more time at Smith Street but due to time constraints, we had to leave for the Lost and Found Market at Lygon Street.  This place took my breath away with all the vintage & pre-loved clothings and homewares. There are indeed lots of hidden gems in this cosmopolitan region of Victoria!

What do u do on a cold winter evening after hours of vintage shopping? Dinner of cause! :) We went to this famous Thai Restaurant in Lygon Street called Ying Thai (which Singapore has too!). We had tom yam soup, papaya salad and steamed fish, all hot & spicy but perfect to keep us warm in winter! Yummy!

I will be back for more updates tomorrow as I bring you to Mount Dandenongs! Looking forward!

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