Monday, June 30, 2014

Melbourne Day 4 - 30 June 2014

I went on a cultural & heritage tour today. After a hearty breakfast of Belgian Chocolate and Red Velvet Cupcake, I made my way to the Hellenic Museum located at William Street. This museum is housed at the Melbourne Mint and shows historical records and artifacts to chronical the Greek immigration into Australia. 

My next stop was supposed to be the Chinese Museum at Chinatown. However, on my way there, I caught glimpses of Les Miz's publicity posters and my itinerary diverted to Her Majesty's Theatre instead! :p These posters are everywhere and I understand there's a "Do You Hear The People Sing" campaign being run everywhere. It's so great to be at the Her Majesty's Theatre and I can't wait to watch the musical I've been waiting for this Saturday!

After visiting Her Majesty's Theatre and Chinatown, I left for Melbourne Museum as I had arranged to meet Hwee for coffee at 2pm at Lygon Street. I didn't have the chance to take more photos on my iPhone today as it died on me at noon and the powerbank was faulty. 

With the iPhone gone, there goes Google Maps too and I had to rely on my instincts and whatever I could remember of the streets of the city to navigate. I was really glad I managed to make my way to the Melbourne Museum located in Carlton from Chinatown. 

The museum is grandeur in architecture and exudes its own air of magnificence, amidst the beautiful Carlton Gardens. Walking through the tree-lined walkways make me feel like walking in a forest in autumn. Unfortunately, I only had 30 minutes to view the exhibits as I had to reach Lygon Street by 2pm.  The main exhibition was impressive though, as it showcases the history of Melbourne through the use of old artifacts, photos and items of bygone years such as telephones, electric trams, horse carriages, gramophone and more!

I spent the rest of the day catching up with Hwee in Lygon Street, and she even invited me to her beautiful apartment!  At Lygon Street, we went to Brunetti for lunch and desserts again. This is the main branch in Melbourne and I'm awed by its size and huge variety of desserts available. It's definitely a not-to-be-missed cafe in Melbourne if you are someone with a sweet tooth. 

After four full days of itinerary, I feel totally drained and exhausted. Hope to catch a good night's sleep tonight for my day trip to Ballarat & Sovereign Hill tomorrow. 

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