Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Perth Day 8 - 10 December 2014

Today's the last day we spend in Perth before we return to Singapore tomorrow. 😞 We were blessed with hot, sunny weather and left for Penguin Island at 10am.  

Over at the Shoal Islands Marine Park, we decided to trek our way through the shallow waters to Penguin Island instead of taking the ferry.  Though me and the girls were apprehensive and nervous at the beginning, we soon began to enjoy the leisurely walk and cool seabreeze across the calm waters.  We were totally engulfed by the beauty of the coastlines and calling of the seagulls, which made us forget our fears pretty quickly.  The walk across the sandbar took us about half an hour to make it across to Penguin Island. 

My! This island is absolutely beautiful, with white and sandy pristine beaches lining the coasts. I love how the sandbars emerge from beneath the crystal clear water to give the island its unique character with intonations of brown, blue and green. Such breathtaking beauty and a paradise on earth!

After touring the island, we headed to one of the nearby beaches for snorkeling. The waters are crystal clear and shallow, making it perfect for snorkeling. It took us a while to get used to the snorkeling gear, especially the girls who had never tried snorkeling.  They didn't seem to enjoy it though due to the cold water and fear of the sea!  We had wanted to venture further to see more beautiful corals and fishes but decided to head back shore anyway for the penguins feeding session. 

It was so cute seeing the penguins feeding!  These little chicks are fairy penguins, the smallest penguins in the world. Love how they wobble and waddle as they walk and how they flap their little wings!

We left Penguin Island by ferry about 3pm as the sandbar was closed due to the strong currents and we couldn't walk back this time.  Everyone felt really tired after the walks and snorkel but fulfilling at the same time as the trip was so enjoyable!  The sights on this beautiful island totally took our breath away!

Being great hosts, David and Uncle Jerry took to the kitchen again to prepare dinner! Dinner was a sumptuous roasted pork belly with pumpkin, potatoes and mashed cauliflower. Yummy!

Uncle Jerry gave the girls a surprise on our last night here in Perth!  Check out the cute koala plushie!

I'm starting to feel melancholic and miss this beautiful place already 😪. We will be taking the early morning flight home to Singapore tomorrow morning. 

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