Thursday, December 4, 2014

Perth Day 2 - 4 December 2014

I had a good night's sleep and was fully recharged for today!

Today, we started our itinerary with a trip to Kings Park and the Botanical Gardens. It was a nice leisurely stroll in the park and gardens on this sunny and breezy afternoon. I love the spectacular views from Kings Park overlooking the Swan and Canning Rivers, the city skyline and the Darling Ranges. Home to numerous species of flora, fauna & wildlife, it's indeed an awesome place to spend a summer afternoon!

We even found a family of ducks and ducklings waddling in the pond and strolling in the park! How cute!

There was also the State War Memorial Precinct located on Mount Eliza overlooking Perth Water. The precinct comprises of the Cenotaph, Court of Contemplation, Flame of Remembrance and Pool of Reflection; with memorials to various battles, military units, prisoners of war and other groups found throughout the parklands.

We lunched at The Partisan, a charming cafe beside a waterfront which serves excellent food. I chose an item from the All Day Breakfast menu, as I always love all day breakfasts! The lunch was fulfilling and definitely didn't disappoint!

After lunch, we headed for the Western Australian Museum. I feel that it's important to understand the history and culture of every country I visit and always make it a point to visit the local museums. It was divided into a few sections such as Australia's native wildlife, aboriginal history and dinosaurs & diamonds. 

We returned to Uncle Jerry's home for a short break and spent some time watching the birds and exploring his garden before heading for dinner and ice cream at Gelare.

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