Monday, December 1, 2014

One Day More!

Time flies and before we know it, tomorrow is our long awaited family vacation to Perth!  :D

It has been a few crazy months of work, preparing for PSLE exams and trying to cope with fulfilling my craft business orders all at the same time.  I guess it's high time I take a break from all this craze, let down my hair and chill with my loved ones in Perth!  We just can't wait for tomorrow to come!!!

It does feel that I've not done much with the travel preps as I'm just too overwhelmed with all that has been happening around me (as I'm writing, the packing is still not done!!!). The itinerary was also done in a haste and rather half-heartedly.  But the good thing is, we'll be staying with Uncle Jerry and David, so we'll be in good hands and most things should be well-taken of!  Haha...

Here's how our 9-day itinerary looks like:

Day 1 (3 Dec)
- Arrival in Perth
- Visit to Kings Park & Botanic Gardens
- Visit to Art Gallery of Western Australia
- Visit to Western Australian Museum

Day 2 (4 Dec)
- Visit to Rottnest Island

Day 3 (5 Dec)
- Shopping at Fremantle Markets/E Shed Markets
- Visit to Fremantle Arts Centre & night bazaar

Day 4 (6 Dec)
- Shopping at Watertown Brand Outlet Centre, Kings Street, Murray Street, Hays Street & London Court

Day 5 (7 Dec)
- Visit to Swan Valley (Yeah...lots of wine tasting and gastronomical experiences)
- Visit to Caversham Wildlife Park

Day 6 (8 Dec)
- Visit to Adventure World (Erm....this is the least favourite of our itinerary but it's on the kids' to-do list, so I had to give in!  :P)

Day 7 (9 Dec)
- Visit to Margaret River (more wine tasting and gastronomical experiences!)

Day 8 (10 Dec)
- Visit to Penguin Island/Shoalwater Islands Marine Park
- Chill at Victoria Quay Carnivale Night Market

Day 9 (11 Dec)
- Departure to Singapore

That seems like a lot to cover for our 9-day trip!  I had wanted so much to visit the much raved-about Wave Rock at Hyden, but I was told the trip to and fro takes 16 hours!  Guess I had to give this a miss, else I'll be eating into the itinerary and wasting too much time in travelling.   Sobzzzz.....

There seems to be quite a fair bit of summer and christmas markets during this period which is so exciting!  Will try to include more into our itinerary if time allows.

Hello we come!  :DDDDD

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