Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Perth Day 7 - 9 December 2014

Today was cloudy and windy. Hence we had a change of plans to postpone our trip to Penguin Island tomorrow and to do some shopping at Fremantle instead. 

We first visited an embroidery and haberdashery shop in Mint Street, Victoria Park.  Though it's a small craft shop, they stock up a great variety of embroidery and tapestry thread.  I was also very amazed by the tapestries displayed in the shop as they are absolutely beautiful and intricately crafted! I'm not exactly into embroidery or tapestry but I reckon this could be something I wanna explore in the near future.

David showed us some awesome places near the coast along the way to Fremantle, which are a paradise on their own.  We first did a stopover near the Healthcote Museum & Gallery which overlooks the Perth city.  As we strolled along the waterfront, the sights of the beautiful Perth City kept us all in awe, while enjoying the cool sea breeze.  What a wonderful place to chill out with our loved ones!

Our next stopover was the Point Walter Reserve in Bicton.  It is a national park overlooking the Swan River.  We even spotted some black swans swimming in the water. How beautiful and breathtaking!  I love how the sand bar extends into the river, with some sections submerging under the water.  Great place to pack your picnic baskets for a fun day out with kids!

We had kebabs at Nick's Place in Fremantle for lunch. The chicken and lamb were succulent and tender.  Even the kids who had never tried kebabs enjoyed it!  

This is our third trip to Fremantle over the past one week. We just can't get enough of this charming town!  My intention of coming here today is because I needed to shop for vintage clothings, which I didn't have the time to do so during my first two trips. We shopped around Market Street, Adelaide Street and Cantonment Street areas and finally found a few nice vintage shops at the Atwell Arcade in Cantonment Street. Bought a pretty flora dress at the Broken Doll Vintage shop at Atwell Arcade. 

So, what's for dinner?  Steak!!! All thanks to David & Caz, who kindly took the time and effort to whip up a delicious dinner for all of us!

We are praying for good weather tomorrow, so we can head for Penguin Island!

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