Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Melbourne Day 6 - 2 July 2014

I met Hwee for breakfast and shopping today at DFO @ Spencer Street. It's been 6 years since we last met and so much to catch up! I'm so glad this Melbourne trip gave me the opportunity to meet up with old friends. 

I've not had much opportunities to shoot the cityscape of Melbourne city and took the opportunity to do so this morning at South Wharf & Polly Woodside. Love the skyline of the city so much!

We shopped at DFO @ Spencer Street, followed by the city centre. Bought shoes, socks, tees and jeans for the kids and a pair of boots for myself (finally!). 

For dinner, Joyce drove us to a suburb known as Footscray for seafood. For less than 100aud, we had black pepper crab, sesame toast, vegetables, claypot rice and grilled pork and ate to our heart's content! The seafood is really fresh and priced reasonably compared to restaurants in Singapore. 

I had a misfortune today though. My trusted DSLR slipped from my hands in the morning and crashed to the ground! Upon closer inspection, thank God the UV filter had cushioned the impact of the fall and lens was left unharmed. The filter has earned itself a new "spiderweb" though. Photos turned out ok & I reckoned there was no damage to the interior, but I'll need to bring the camera to Alan Photo when I return to replace the filter and to examine the lens. 

What an adventure today! I will be visiting the arts precinct tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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