Sunday, July 6, 2014

Melbourne Day 10 - 6 July 2014

Today's my last day in Melbourne and I spent half the day in St Kilda, as a nice wrap up to my 12-day itinerary.  We first visited the craft market at St Kilda Esplanade.  The market didn't disappoint, as quality and variety of products being sold are similar (if not better) than what I remembered of the market a decade ago.  Here we can see unique handmade products such as jewellery, paintings, souvenirs, skincare products, bags, accessories and more.

In this charming town of St Kilda, there are famous landmarks such as the Esplanade Hotel, Luna Park and The Palais Theatre etc, which are good photo opportunities!

Though it was a chilly morning with a slight drizzle, I decided to head for the St Kilda's beach anyway, as I simply love the beach.  It's as breathtaking as before, lined with beautiful palm trees along the promenade.  As I gaze over the horizons with yachts berthed on the right and daredevils skydiving on the left, it just simply takes all stress and troubles away.

After I had fulfilled my hearts' content of photographing the beautiful beach, we took a short tram ride to Acland St, which is also located in St Kilda.  Over here, we can see both sides of the street lined with old European cafes, wine bars, bakeries and eclectic shops, which bring a charm to the area.  For lunch, we decided to try out Singapore cuisine at a cafe named Kotaraya where I tried its laksa.  It's yummy and has a different twist to our local laksa as a thicker kind of vermicelli is used in its preparation.

After leaving St Kilda, I returned to the apartment for my final packing.  I didn't recall shopping like crazy but somehow my luggage was filled to the brim and I had difficulties packing everything in!  It's probably due to some bulky items I had bought and gifts from friends.

I left for the Southern Cross Station at 3pm to catch the Skybus to Melbourne International Airport.  As the Skybus passed by the various landmarks of the city, I can't help but feel melancholic, after spending 10 wonderful days in this beautiful city.  I will miss Melbourne for sure and look forward to my next trip here again!

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