Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Travel Journal

Keeping a travel journal is just so cool!  Something I've always wanted to do but something that I've not had a chance to keep up to as I've not been travelling very often due to work and family commitment.  Now that Edith and Eponine are all grown up and going into their teens, I'm looking forward to opportunities to travel more often, be it family or personal trips.

First up in my travel blogging is my upcoming trip to Melbourne...yes, it's confirmed!  After yearning to visit my favourite city again after 10 long years!  Gosh....time flies and I just realised a decade has passed since my last wonderful trip to Melbourne!  This time, I will be in Melbourne from 26 June to 6 July.

I've been procrastinating over this trip since last year as I know I will be travelling alone as I'm unable to bring my family along.  Well, the main reason for the trip is only because I'm flying over to catch my favourite musical Les Miserables!  What a great excuse yah???

I love travelling alone, because it's an opportunity for personal reflections and an outlet to destress.  It allows me to engage in personal explorations and expand my emotional and physiological horizons, thus allowing me to set personal goals and plans.  This is something so important to me and something I've been looking forward to, so I had to put aside my personal guilt where family is concerned and take the plunge!

I was looking forward to a good airfare deal and the time has come, for Singapore Airlines is currently having their promotion for MasterCard holders.  At $670 for a return air ticket, what more can I ask for?

Stay tuned to my blog as I'm going into my planning stage pretty soon and will be updating all on my travel itinerary!

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